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Sample Questions

Q) Administrator Vsphere infrastructure planning with the following requirements to ad-hoc network: the ability to shape the incoming (RX) traffic Support for Private VLAN (Private VLAN) support LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol) which is the lowest Vsphere edition that will support these requirements?

a) Vsphere Basics Plus

b) Vsphere Standard

c) Vsphere Enterprise

d) Vsphere Enterprise Plus

e) None

Q) What are the two virtualized IT infrastructure components Vsphere Basics? (Choose two.)

a) network

b) apps

c) Storage

d) management

Q) The administrator must deploy multiple virtual machines. Storage discord between the virtual machines to be managed VMkernel. Some of the virtual machine will use MSCS, and must be highly available ESXi 5.5 hosts. What are the two storage options to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


b) NFS

c) Fiber Channel

d) VSAN network

Q) The administrator uses observable health VCENTER Operations Manager in the ESXi host in the environment. There have been no reports of disruptions or problems with the ESXi host, but the administrator will need to determine if the master is behaving normally. What a small icon administrator should investigate to determine this information?

a) wrong

b) anomalies


d) Health

e) None



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