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Sample Questions:

Which is a valid traffic shaping adjustment?

minimum bandwidth adjusted in kbps

burst size in Kbytes

peak bandwidth adjusted in mbps

burst time in seconds

A Windows virtual machine is experiencing poor application performance. The suspected issue is a lack of available memory. Windows Task Manager reports that 30% of the memory within the VM is not currently being utilized. What does this indicate and what could be checked next?

Windows Task Manager is not reading actual memory usage in the VM. Windows System Monitor should be used to get a precise reading on memory usage

The application problems are definitely due to a non-memory related problem. CPU affinity settings should be checked for this VM.

The VM has memory available, however it may not actually have physical memory available. VMkernel swap activity on the ESXi host should be checked next

The application problems are definitely due to a non-memory related problem.

CPU utilization should be checked next using Windows Task Manager.

Which memory conservation technique collaborates with the server to reclaim pages that are considered least valuable by the guest OS?

RAM Overcommit

Transparent Page Sharing

Memory Balloon Driver

VMkernel Swap

Which of the following commands can be used to display information about virtual switches?





Which of the following tasks can be selected from the home page of an ESX Server (Choose Three)?

View vSphere 4 Documentation

Download VMware vCenter Server

Browse Virtual Machines in this Host’s inventory

Browse Datastores in this Host’s inventory

Download VMware Web Access Client



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