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Sample Questions

Q) Vsphere administrator can create anxiety for the two entities? (Choose two.)

a) LUN

b) Data store

c) template

d) folder

Q) The administrator must add the user group to the Director vCloud, which will be assigned administrative rights. Two of which are the source, the administrator can import the group? (Choose two.)


b) Vsphere SSO

c) local server

d) Gateway

Q) vCloud medium has the following characteristics: The virtual machine, which is part VAPP template requires at least 5 Gb thin provisioned space. That the configured maximum size of the disk, which can be used as part of the new vApp using this template?

a) 10 GB

b) 30 GB

c) 50 GB

d) 70 GB

e) None

Q) Wednesday was Org VDCs with the following parameters: a corporate administrator must VDC meets the following requirements: – Resources are made only when the vApps created. – The network must cover large distances. Org VDC that will satisfy the needs of the administrator?

a) East

b) west

c) to North

d) south

e) None


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