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A Revolutionary Way to Learn – Complete Your Typing Tasks Faster – Learn the Lifelong Skill of Touch Typing


Learn to touch type the new way: Get more done in less time.

Typing is a skill needed in many jobs, in college, for authors, and more.

It’s a valuable skill for life. Touch typing can be a lot faster than two fingers. This means you’ll get your typing tasks finished a lot quicker.

Learn this skill now and complete your typing tasks in far less time.

My name is Ian Stables. I’m a self-taught touch typist. I’ve tried the hard way and the easy way. This is the easy way.

Many try to learn the wrong way. They try to learn all the letters at once. They use pages of text to practice. This is not the most effecient way. That’s the painful and slow way.

This method is based on latest research on skill building. Based on the research of Peter Hollins and others, this course follows a short steps new approach.

You’ll ge practising two keys at a time. You won’t be bored. Each combination will only be practiced for 30 seconds. This is the most efficent way to learn to type. The result is fast keyboard typing skills in far less time.

You’ll learn:

– Where the keys are

– Where to place your hands… without looking

– Best way to practice and how long

– How to build up speed with accuracy

– The simple learning accelerator

– Learn where fingers go without looking. Learn two at a time

– Type numbers without looking

– Best way to practice capital letters

– The way to get faster

Learn this valuable skill today. Get more done in far less time. Enroll now.



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