LAN Technologies, Sliding Window Protocol, Transmission Control Protocol


This course is to provide students with an overview of the concepts and fundamentals of data communication and computer networks. Topics to be covered include: data communication concepts and techniques in a layered network architecture, communications switching and routing, types of communication, network congestion, network topologies, network configuration and management, network model components, layered network models (OSI reference model, TCP/IP networking architecture) and their protocols, various types of networks (LAN, MAN, WAN and Wireless networks) and their protocols. The course is supplemented by a practical component covered in CS335 concurrently.

  • To develop an understanding of computer networking basics.
  • To develop an understanding of different components of computer networks, various protocols, modern technologies and their applications.
  • Recognize the technological trends of Computer Networking.
  • Evaluate the challenges in building networks and solutions to those.
  • Enumerate the layers of the OSI model and TCP/IP. Explain the function(s) of each layer.
  • Familiarize the student with the basic taxonomy and terminology of the computer networking area.
  • Identify the different types of network devices and their functions within a network
  • Understand and explain Data Communications System and its components.
  • Independently understand basic computer network technology.
  • Familiarity with the basic protocols of computer networks, and how they can be used to assist in network design and implementation.

Who this course is for:

  • For Academic Students.
  • For Certification
  • For Competitive Exams

Limited to 1000 students only, it can expire quickly

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