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A Systematic and Self-Diagnostic Approach to Fully Understanding Your Voice



  • Hours of on-demand video and audio lectures

  • PDFs of the course content that you can use to follow along

  • Dozens of guided exercises to have in your back pocket

  • Teacher support throughout

  • A step-by-step road map that keeps you on track

  • A 30-day money back guarantee

Too often, courses in singing teach students to listen to a teacher and passively repeat the exercises. Not in this course! Here, you will not only learn to sing, but also gain a comprehension of what you are doing. This teaching method is different, as I like to break concepts down into their smallest elements and find their perfect order to clearly see how the machine works. You will be guided through a step-by-step method that allows you to keep what you are doing right and fix what gives you issues.

PART ONE of this course guides you through a specially-designed method I call the Vocal Pyramid, through which you will understand the major [axioms] of singing technique:



  3. ONSET

  4. VOWELS and

  5. PITCH

These sections of the Vocal Pyramid have been chosen and designed in a specific order that allows you to build an understanding of your instrument from the bottom up. Once you build a solid foundation in each level of the pyramid, you’ll be able to use them to support each other and bring your technique to the next level. A strong understanding of these concepts will also help you become more self-sufficient and able to identify an issue and better understand which level it’s coming from.

PART TWO of the course brings in the practical elements of vocal exercises and warming up. In this part, I will guide you through the five fundamental types of exercises. Not only will I give you the exercises and their variations, but I will also teach you how to flow from one exercise to the next for the perfect warm up. To streamline this process, I have created a warm up flowchart that you get as a PDF with the course for free! This chart will simply teach you to evaluate what exercises are best for you in the moment.

With 20 minutes of practice a day, you will get the most out of your daily warm up and become a better singer faster.

PART ONE, the foundational element, and PART TWO, the practical element, are designed to work together in tandem, boosting your vocal technique from the bottom up and the top down. Together, these methods will make you a stronger and more independent singer.

Since this course breaks down every concept into small, digestible parts, it is for all levels:

  • The beginning singer, who is being introduced to these concepts for the first time

  • The advanced singer, who is stuck in their lessons and looking for new approaches towards technique

  • Every singer in between!!

No matter your level, you are sure to find useful approaches to add to your personal tool belt. If you are not satisfied for any reason, there is always a 30 day money back guarantee!

This course has been a delight to make, and I can’t wait to have you in the classroom!


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