The Lymphatic System

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology

Online course description :

This is a detailed course about the human lymphatic system. This course covers  the basic concepts of physiology and anatomy pertaining to the lymphatic system and integrates these concepts with clinically relevant topics.   

This course comprises of four sections. The first section is about lymphatic fluid and its constituents. The second section deals with the lymphatic vessels. The Third and fourth sections are about the encapsulated and unencapsulated lymphoid tissue.

The first section describes the constituents and differences of lymphatic fluid from different areas of the body. The second section deals with how lymph is circulated through different types of lymphatic vessels starting at the tissue level and eventually reaching the big lymphatic vesels that drain into the blood circulation.

The third section is a detailed insight into the encapsulated lymphoid organs. The lymph node which is a part of the encapsulated organs is not covered here since it was previously alluded to in the previous section. The main foucs of this section is on the spleen and thymus.

The last section is about the lymphoid tissue that is freely dispersed without a capsule known as MALT. This section focuses on the importance of such tissue and pathologies pertaining to it.   


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