Exceptional Security Traninig For Security Professionals


  • Basics of HTML
  • Command Line CMD or Shell
  • Brain to understand the Logics behind the Vulnerabilities


In this course, I will practically demonstrate that how you can identify and test the security bugs of a website using real world pentesting methodologies. Typically, ethical hacking is taught by installing virtual machines on your PC and focused on more theory. This style of learning stops your exploration as there are no challenges. So what’s next ? I have designed this course in a very easy way that anyone can start learning at their own pace and ease.

This course is Mainly focused on many well known top vulnerabilities of a website including ;

  • Injection Flaw : We will discuss Sql Injection in detail which is a very common website flaw both manually or using automated tools
  • Authntication Flaw: We will look at Authentication Bypassing flaw using Magic Strings method
  • File Inclusion Flaw: We will test LFI bug and try to understand its logics in detail
  • Business Logic Bugs: We will cover an IDOR Vulnerability which effects on website users and their information
  • Bash Vulnerability: We will see a very famous Bug of a Linux bash shell “Shellshock” and see its impact on a website

Taking this course is much more fun & exciting than learning all of these in a traditional boring way – like  through formal IT courses and books. So if you have a serious level of spark in learning the real knowledge then you are landed on a right course…

Happy Learning!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Information Security Professionals, Students, IT Professionals or anyone who are thinking to enter into the Cyber Security Domain

Limited to 1000 students only, it can expire quickly

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