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Attend this TE0-126 Teradata 12 Enterprise Architecture Practice Test will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam


Sample Questions

Q) The administrator tries to manage the resources in the system, because there is a critical requirement, corporate reporting. Load Reporting starts from 09:00 am and must be completed by 10:00. At the same time, a special user access to the system. The administrator creates a Query Resource choke TDWM for more efficient management of resources. Which two are available as an option for the construction of the throttle? (Choose two.)

a) index scan types accepted

b) Only questions Choke All-AMP

c) No aggregation will not be accepted

d) Only questions with a time limit step Threshold

Q) The administrator asked to maintain a daily backup of a very large transaction table. Table PPI determined with daily expression partition insert the date and only the insertion of the table. There is not enough of the window in order to back up the entire table every night. In this situation, the backup strategy is the best approach?

a) Implement a backup copy of the table cluster.

b) Conduct an online archive of the table.

c) Implement a backup of all-AMP table.

d) Back up partitions on the previous day.

e) None

Q) If you want to move the entire Teradata system on a new hardware platform, the two systems in the same place, that is the fastest way to transfer all data to the new system?

a) ARC


c) T Pump

d) Quick export / Fast Load

e) None

Q) The administrator must create a data storage architecture for a group of users in 2000 end users and data integration group of 20 users. What are the three points are important considerations to ensure the safety of these two groups of users? (Choose three.)

b) lock

c) profiles

d) priorities of users

e) database hierarchy



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