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Sample Questions

Q) Proposed following fields of connection: 1) Reading data from the left table of available memory 2) Read a string in the right table, which can be a spool file that contains a string containing the hash value Contrast correct line for each row, and its data lines 3) all left rows of the table with the same hash line 4) Connect lines that connect it represents?

a) hash

b) Merge Register

c) nested Go

d) product ~~ POS = TRUNC Go

e) None

Q) The client has a requirement to export more than 1 GB of data to a file for use in external marketing programs. There is a requirement to do so as quickly as possible. Export tool or interface should be used to carry out this work?

a) CLI



d) export fixed

e) None

Q) The new application has been added to the existing data warehouse. Which two are used to analyze the performance capabilities of the new load, which includes both new and old problems, such as access to the existing tables? (Choose two.)


b) Access to the magazine

c) master index

d) priority scheduling

Q) The client of the insert, update, delete and upserts to the settlement table every day. Which statement is true about reading?

a) The table can be requested through the access lock.

b) The table can be requested via the lock READ

c) The table can be queried via a plan READ lock.

d) A table can not be called during execution of the job running load.

e) None



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