Classics of Archaeology of Ancient Egypt in the royal, sacred, and funerary context.


  • No prior knowledge is required. The course will introduce the terminology step by step and then use examples to make the connection between symbol and myth.


SYMBOLS I: Ancient Egyptian Symbols in Mythology, Religion and Cult

The symbols of Ancient Egypt have always fascinated us. The gigantic pyramids and the sometimes almost alien-looking representations that we can see on the pharaohs’ tomb and temple walls or artifacts in the museum have a unique attraction. When we take a closer look at some ancient Egyptian artifacts, we often wonder what their sometimes strange shape might mean.

This course is about symbols, those signs used in religion, mythology, and cult. Together we will look at well-known but also less well-known concepts and their visualization.

Perhaps there will be some signs that you already know. Some, however, you may never have heard of. The following overview is only a selection of individual areas of life in which powerful symbols were used. In any case, I will try to offer you a wide variety of topics:

  1. The Unification of the Two Lands
  2. Smiting the Enemy
  3. The Breaking of the Red Pots
  4. The Imiut Fetish
  5. The Symbolism of the Shen Ring
  6. The Eye of Horus / the Eye of Ra

I will provide you with important information on each of these selected symbols and symbolic actions. There is then a corresponding summary for each section in the workbook that you can download as a PDF. Besides, I prepared some assignments for you with interesting questions that you are free to solve if you wish.

I look forward to welcoming you as a student in my course!

Who this course is for:

  • People who are interested in an intensive study of the deep mysticism of ancient Egyptian symbols and want to know more than the general information.


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