as an iOS Developer, you’ll learn all these necessary things that will deliver your skills to the next


Hello and welcome to the Swift & iOS: Everything to know when starting a full-time job

my names Ahmad Mustafa, and I’ll your instructor in this course, a bit about myself I’m an iOS Developer with years of experience developing many apps for iPhone and iPad, one of my successful apps is ‘Rodha’ which is one of the best food delivery app in the Saudia Arabia

About this course:

if you start work full-time iOS developer definitely there’s several skills, that every iOS Developer have to know in his daily work,

so in this course, you’ll learn all these necessary things in the best modern ways that will deliver your skills to the next level

the course cover six sections and the process will be

– in section one, you’ll learn to create a project using Model View Controller which stands for (MVC) design pattern, you’ll learn Xcode & interface builder, create tableView with custom table view cell

– in section two you’ll learn about Git and the Github

– in section three you’ll learn how to install libraries or (Pods) from cocoapods and how to solve push git large files the (gitignore)

– in section four you’ll learn How to work with web API, How to handle JSON so, the app will take information from the internet again in the best modern way

– in section five you’ll learn about the Testflight and how to upload your build to any iPhone user and how to create an app icon

– in section six you’ll learn how to connect the app to the firebase, create login with Google and with Apple in addition save the login, and the bones how to push notification from the firebase

by the end of this course, you’ll never feel lost and your knowledge in iOS and swift framework, will increase and reach the next levels rapidly, so join us and let’s start coding

Who this course is for:

  • all iOS Developer / Engineer who wanna expand their knowledge in iOS and Xcode
  • developer who want to know better MVC pattern in a modern way
  • developer who wants to know API build Codable models shared Network (get and post)
  • Anyone who wants to get a job as an iOS developer
  • developer who want to work with Git and Git
  • developer who want to upload builds to TestFlight