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Discover what resilience looks like for you and identify ways to develop your stress management in ways unique to you.


In times of continuous pressure, stress and change, resilience is frequently referred to as being one of the key attributes of successful people. Resilience is expressed authoritatively as a positive ability to manage anxiety and changing circumstances with confidence and certainty – an ability to weather storms and cope with stress effectively. 

Resilience means different things to different people as it is influenced by the situation and life’s experiences.  What is a major challenge for one person may be a very straightforward issue for another.  Everyone approaches stressful situations in different ways, which has an influence on how they use their emotional resilience. 

A resilient person is not arrogant or overly confident; quite the opposite: they have a clear sense of their own potential, capability, and ability to cope and achieve.  Resilient people are good at stress management and in managing anxiety.

Resilient people are aware of situations, their own emotional reactions, and the behaviour of those around them.  In order to manage feelings, it is essential to understand what is causing them and why.  By remaining aware, resilient people can maintain control of a situation and think of new ways to tackle problems.

Resilience is a word that has become increasingly popular in recent times, but what does it mean to you and what does resilience look like?

True resilience can be developed and grown through focused individual coaching by examining what resilience means for the person, what challenges they are facing that require resilience, their mindset and what they need to do to manage themselves to take advantage of the opportunities available.

Please note: This stress management course is NOT for you if you are not prepared to be coached using a structured approach and then to apply your learning through a better understanding of your issues.   Resilience and stress management cannot be developed by learning some techniques through just watching a few video lectures.  The course is more about understanding your personal view of resilience and how you use your resilience to manage stress through being coached. 

Rather than a generalised course providing facts and information, this stress management course enables you to be coached using a structured approach focusing on your mindset and your issues.  Some learners really struggle with this concept (through their closed mindset) and I’m afraid that you won’t get the best from the course unless you are prepared to work with this concept.

This stress management course challenges your mindset by exploring your emotional resilience through a series of images developed from interviews with a wide range of people of varying ages and experience in education and in business.  It helps you to deeply scrutinise resilience from a variety of perspectives and viewpoints.  You get the chance to inspect various aspects of resilience to determine your skills and qualities that help and hinder you in managing stress.

Within the course, you are able to investigate your

  • Determination

  • Endurance

  • Stress Tolerance

  • Drive and Motivation

  • Flexibility

  • Self-Confidence and Assertiveness

  • Self-Management

and much more.

The course will help you to investigate when resilience is needed.  Situations, pressures and challenges with

  • Ambiguity and Uncertainty

  • Barriers to Progress

  • Limited Challenges

  • Risk

and much more.

The course also assist you to investigate some of the more popular representations of resilience

  • Bouncing Back

  • New Growth

By completing this stress management course, you will be able to

  • Define your resilience from a variety of perspectives and viewpoints

  • Determine your skills and qualities that help and hinder you in managing anxiety and stress

  • Consider situations, pressures and challenges that impact upon your resilience and your stress management

  • Identify insights and practices to help you manage anxiety, stress and challenges so that you can get more from life.

The goal of this course is to help you to develop a deeper understanding of resilience and emotional resilience beyond the clichés.  It offers insights and practices through coaching to help you manage stress and anxiety so that you build your resilience and cope more effectively with life’s challenges.

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