Get advanced skills to be a SQL Server professional and hardening Microsoft SQL Server securing SQL+ SQL Server login


  • As prerequisites I expect that you already know how to use the Windows Operating System, how to install SQL Server, or that you already have SQL Server installed. We also expect that you know how to start the SQL server applications and tools


Make sure your network’s SQL Servers are secure, using best practices for physical, instance, network, and file system security. In this course we introduces basics like SQL Server securables, principals, logins, users, and roles. Then learn how SQL Server checks permissions and use that information to create accounts and assign logins and roles. Last also will explains common network security risks and steps you can take to secure network protocols.

The following topics are covered:

  1.   Understanding security best practices
  2.   Managing logins and users
  3.   Understanding how SQL Server checks permissions
  4.   Creating and assigning logins and roles
  5.    Securing SQL on the network
  6. How to Configuring encryption
    1. Encryption overview
    2. Implement cell-level encryption
    3. Configure transparent data encryption
    4. implement always Encryption
    5. implement backup encryption
    6. Configure encryption for connections

Who this course is for:

  • Database Administrator, Database developer

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