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Learn to perform CRUD Operations using PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL is a very popular , advanced, open-source object-relational database management system  used by a lot of organizations.

It is a very robust database management system.

Any software or a web application will typically do these set of operations called C.R.U.D.

CRUD Stands for

Create (Insert)

Read (Select)



In this course we will be using SQL and PostgreSQL to perform CRUD operations .

What we will learn include:

  • How to install PostgreSQL Database Server

  • How to Load a sample database into PostgreSQL Server

  • How to Create a database and table

  • How to insert data into a table

  • How to query and retrieve data from a table

  • How to update existing data inside a table

  • How to delete data from a table

  • How to sort retrieved data from a table

  • How to Filter data using WHERE clause

  • How to remove duplicate data

  • How to use subqueries to query and retrieve data

  • How to group data using GROUP BY clause

  • How to use the HAVING clause to group data



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