Make your own search engine and News Search website.


  • Basic knowledge of html, css, javascript


In This Course I am Teaching You To Create A Search Engine Using Google’s Programmable Search Engine By Using this Search Engine You Can Search Images And News Also For News Search I Created News Searching Site with the Help of Newsapi and I am using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I Will Teach You That how can we implement google cse (Programmable search engine) in our site in one page or in two different page. We Will Also see the all things which can we do with Programmable search engine.

For This Course You should Have Basic Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript. No need to worry I will Explain You Everything In Detail.

We are using VS code as text editor for this course. You can use any text editor to edit your files.

We are Using Bootstrap CSS and Javascript to design our search engine site it will reduce our time for designing. In VS code we using some of extensions to save our time like liveserver and snippet emmets for HTML, CSS and Javascript. this will helps us in writing our code  fast with accuracy.

You can download Visual Studio Code From The official website of visual studio code For Your Operating System and system type.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners
  • Beginner for html, css developer


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