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Sample Questions

Q) What protocol should be a network technician allows routers and switches to collect usage statistics?




d) WMI

e) None

Q) A network technologies enable SNMP on your network devices, as well as the need to ensure that it will use the integrity of the message. Which version of SNMP, they have to use?

a) SNMPv1

b) SNMPv2c

c) SNMPv3

d) SNMPv4

e) None

Q) You recently implemented VoIP infrastructure within a corporate network. You get support cases indicating the disconnection of their offices in New York and San Francisco. What are the two levels of service agreement (IP SLA) measurement should be used to determine the cause of the problem?

a) delay

b) A SIP

c) Net flow

d) available bandwidth

e) shake

Q) What are the two performance measures can be affected by the implementation of appropriate QoS?

a) shake

b) formation

c) marking

d) queue

e) delay


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