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Sample Questions

Q) Which of the following can directly influence if it will run an availability check? (Pick two)

a) The category of online planning in the sales document

b) The type of delivery

c) The control group in the material master

d) The item category in the sales document

Q) On the basis of which of the following dates is the availability of control (ATP) carried out?

a) Required delivery date

b) Lead date Supply

c) Material availability date

d) Goods issue date

Q) According to the system there is no stock available, but you continue to receive a program line has confirmed the sales order. What is the reason for this confirmation?

a) The availability check that was carried out included a lead time of supply in the control area.

b) The system automatically searches for other plants for inventory and transfers this inventory for the plant with zero inventory in the sales order.

c) The availability of the control was carried out, and the saving, the system immediately reprogrammed sales orders according to customer priority.

d) Inventory Management creates a transfer action when the sales order is saved.

Q) If the material is entered in the sales order it is not available, as the user is alerted to this situation?

a) The incompletion log displays the programming line not confirmed as missing field.

b) Displays the availability control screen.

c) The schedule line is marked and highlighted by the system.

d) An error message is displayed on the status bar informs you of the situation.

Q) As a member of the project team, you are asked to set the system so that the user must enter a reason the order when processing a sales order. It should be possible to save the incomplete order, but further processing should not be possible until the Reason field order is filled. How do you implement this requirement?

a) You can define a procedure incompleteness Reason Order field and score as mandatory.

b) You can define a procedure of incompleteness with the field Reason Order and assign a group of state in which the general courts, delivery and billing document are selected.

c) You can define a procedure of incompleteness with the Order reason field, assign it to the type of sales document, and set the status “released for further processing.”

d) You can define a procedure of incompleteness with Reason Order field and assign it to a type of sales document that has the “Incomplete message” indicator in September


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