Attend this PW0-204 Certified Wireless Security Professional (CWSP) Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam


Sample Questions:

Which of the following protocols they are used to ensure the security of network traffic transmitted via the TCP / IP network?






A government agency requires maximum WLAN security and is currently creating a WLAN security policy updated to outline safety procedures to be implemented on all wireless networks within agency.Documentation procedures for all security events the agency requires a detailed paper trail, including details on the date / time, physical location and type of attack. What tasks should be required of a new security policy in order to ensure compliance with the documentation requirements? (Choose three)

The introduction of the system of wireless intrusion prevention B. In-depth review of WIPS security event reporting

Frequent custom reports on security events WIPS

OOGO configuration to send all WLAN security events to a radius

failed attempts EAP-TLS authentication of the customer due to incorrect passwords

Given: ABC University deploys WLAN through 30 campus buildings to provide a wireless network and Internet access to 15,000 students. security policy FAA requires physical security of the network infrastructure to devices.What most effective measures to meet the security requirements through its ABC network? (Choose two)

Installing access points in a closet in the ceiling mount.

Enable configuration security and secure passwords for HTTP management access points.

Always install the access point in a redundant pair as a precaution against unauthorized access.

The use of access points with fixed antennas of the antenna to prevent theft.

WLAN is attacking avoid personal firewall?

802.11 deautentifikatsionnoy attacks

Jamming attack nearby attackers

Computer viruses WLAN devices pairs

Wi-Fi phishing attack athot-places


You are a consultant hired by ABC Corporation for evaluation and analysis of the consequences of the invasion of their new WLAN 802.11g risk. What areas will weigh more heavily during the execution of these tasks for ABC Corp? (Choose two)

The sensitivity of the information sent over the wireless network

Types of operating systems operated end-user WLAN

The legal consequences of an attacker stealing sensitive data

Mechanisms layer 2 and layer 3 roaming is currently in force

XYZ College has recently installed a secure WLAN solution. There have been no problems with network intrusion, but due to the holiday schedule, University of entertainment social infrastructure, multiple access points in dormitories were damaged or stolen. What are the ways to prevent such events affect the safety of operation and network security?

Put the access point in each dorm room and makes students responsible for the access point

Migration to a wireless LAN infrastructure enabled lightweight access points (fine)

Installation of cameras IP-Web in the same areas with access points for monitoring theft

Installation of access points in a cabinet locked in the ceiling or wall of the objects None


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