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Sample Questions

Q) The BLOB is stored in pzPVStream column of a table and contains the data associated with the instance. Which two statements are false? (Pick two)

a) Since this is a column of a table in a database, it is possible to extract the BLOB and use it in another system

b) The BLOB containing the same xml plain text that you see when you click the data in the rule or the Display XML clipboard

c) The PzPVStream can be eliminated with the use of simple tables (those without built-in screens and screen lists)

d) The BLOB allows a single table to store complex data structures that normally require multiple tables in a normalized database

Q) PegaRULES is installed in a multi-node system and a copy of the various cache is stored on each node. Each of these nodes must be updated with the changes of the rules. What features in PRPC manages the update process? (Choose one)

a) Node-Pulse

b) cache Rule

c) System Upgrade

d) System-Pulse

Q) Which statements regarding commit PRPC are false? (Pick two)

a) All database updates require that the applicant has a lock on

b) On the performance of the system automatically engages during the processing of an operation of sending a complete flow of the action, both for the connector and actions of local streams

c) Commit operations can trigger the execution of Declare-trigger rules

d) Assuming distributed transaction is not configured and the deferred task list contains operations for a single database. When the system engages all operations deferred for the applicant, if any of the writings fail, all fail

e) Deferred operations will be engaged when using the option to write-now with the obj-Save method, because this causes a commit to occur

Q) PRPC can be installed using a WAR or EAR configuration. Which of the following does not require an EAR configuration? (Choose one)

a) JMS messaging support services to be provided

b) support is required for the two-phase commit

c) Support for EJB services to be provided

d) It requires a J2EE warranty

e) It is required JSR-94 support

Q) Select valid modes can have an Agent from PRPC 5.4? (Choose three)

a) Normal

b) heredity

c) Standard

d) advanced

e) The modes are not required to be selected for the agents PRPC 5.4



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