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Sample Questions

Q) When you enter a receipt; you first use the Find Expected Receipts window to locate the source document for the receipt. Select four valid source documents for a receipt. (Choose four.) a) An approved internal requisition line

b) An intransit shipment within your Inventory

c) A shipment from a supplier based on a purchase order

d) A move order from Inventory for material storage relocation

e) A return from a customer based on a return material authorization (RMA)

f) A shipment from inventory backed by an internal safes order generated by an internal requisition

Q) Which setup profile option allows you to send a report directly to a browser window?

a) Viewer: Text

b) Concurrent: Report Copies

c) Flexfields: Open Key Window

d) Concurrent Report: Access Level

Q) There are several types of RFQ, Including Catalog RFQ, Standard RFQ, and Bid RFQ. There are only two classes of RFQ. Identify the two valid classes and their appropriate purposes. (Choose two.)

a) Bid Class, which supports Shipments

b) Standard Class, which supports Items

c) Planned Class, which supports Catalogs Catalog Class, which supports Price Breaks

d) Cost Class, which supports Bid Price Breaks

e) Cost Class, which supports Bid Price Breaks

Q) Company X is identifying the major aspects of its inventory organization structure and definitions. Which two actions or statements would be correct? (Choose two.)

a) An Inventory location can be an Office Site only If it Is also a registered office.

b) It can consider manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and branch offices, as well as other entities.

c) It does not need a minimum of two inventory organizations in a master/child relationship, but it is a best practice to do so.

d) The financial impact of inventory parameters is limited to Purchase Price Variance and Intransit Account for Interorganization shipments and Transfer Credits for the sending organization.

e) You can control inventory organizations across different operating units from one responsibility but you cannot have ft default to one operating unit. The last used operating unit used before you tog off would default when you log in the next time.

Q) Select the best business practice for a supplier that is being newly added to the Approved Supplier List.

a) Allow PO Approval, Sourcing, Schedule Confirmation and Manufacturer Link

b) Allow PO Approval, Sourcing and Schedule Confirmation but not Manufacturer Link

c) Allow PO Approval, Sourcing and Manufacturer Link but not Schedule Confirmation

d) Allow PO Approval, Schedule Confirmation and Manufacturer Link but not Sourcing



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