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Sample Questions

Q) From which two of followingsystem tables are deleted rows, when a DROP USER command is issued on a user who is assigned to a role? (Pick one.)

a) DBC.RoleGrants

b) DBC.AMPUsage

c) DBC.AccessRights

d) DBC.SessionInfo

Q) What are the two can be determined with AMPUsage data? (Pick one.)

a) session priorities

b) user activity

c) user privileges

d) Database owners

Q) The rows of a table that can be updated by users is narrowed by which two clauses in a CREATE VIEW? (Pick one.)



c) USE


Q) Of followingstatements which two are accurate regarding permanent magazines? (Pick one.)

a) Multiple data table can share a permanent official

b) Magazines replace the permanent protection Fallback

c) Data tables in a database can use permanent Journals in other databases.

d) Magazines must be permanent Fallback.

e) Multiple permanent Magazines can be used by a data table

Q) Whichof the followingis the maximum number of nested levels for a role?

a) one

b) The limit is determined by the default system setting.

c) There is no limit to the number of nested levels

d) Two


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