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Working on movies and videos


Hello there. I am a professional video editor at EDISON VIDEO EDITING ACADEMY

Lightworks, a video editing software, support windows, Linus and Mac.

I am a professional video editor at EDISON VIDEO EDITING ACADEMY , for over four and a half years.

Hello, welcome to the world of movies and video editing. It such an amazing thing. I love doing it all the time. It’s good, if you wanna take a look, everybody can do it.

Course Objective:

To master the art of editing digital videos and films with Lightworks which is a non linear editing software used for editing Movies.

This course is designed to help students with limited understanding of editing to learn how to edit movies and video clips the way a professional does. Each stage the student is guided through the process and provided with audio and video clips so you can join in. You are also encouraged to try out different approaches based on your own ideas, once you have mastered the techniques suggested.

Target Customers:

Filmmaking Students

Film Editing Professionals

Anyone who wants to learn how to do Non Linear Editing using Lightworks


Knowledge of Computers.

Knowledge of Video Formats.

Skills you will master

Lightworks Video Importing


Fade in Fade Out

Laying Effects

Multicam Editing





Masked Blending


Chroma Key

Image Key

Colour Mask


DVE Presets

Colour Correction

Colour Presets

Audio Mixing

Course introduction

Theory of editing & NLE interfaces

Video clips used in the demonstrations

Locating, copying and importing clips

Viewing merged clips and marking up script

How to do the first assembly edit through to final cut?

How to edit sound once picture lock has been reached



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