Everything You Need to Know To Start creating Amazing Photos


  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC installed


If you want to learn how to transform your normal photos into INCREDIBLE photos, this course is for you.

Lightroom Classic CC is one of the most powerful and popular Photo Editing Software in the world and is used by beginners and professional photographers.

Either you are starting in the world of photography or maybe you are a professional photographer, this course will give you everything you need to know to create amazing photos.

In this course you will learn:

· Understand the layout of Lightroom

· Importing and organizing your photos creating collections and folders

· How to rate your photos for a better workflow

· Basic Corrections to start improving your photos

· How to make your photos sharp and unique

· How to use all the tools for a more detailed editing

· How to use presets

· How to create Panorama Photos

· Ho to use the brushes to adjust details

· Full editing sessions to improve your workflow

· How to export your photos

· and more

This is a very complete Adobe Lightroom Classic CC course and is going to get better and better because I will be posting more Full Editing sessions all the time and I will be updating the course every time something new comes in Lightroom.

What are you waiting for, let’s start creating amazing pictures.

Who this course is for:

  • Photographers
  • Photo Editors
  • Begginer Photographers


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