Lesson plan& presentations with interactive teaching & Assessment strategies training to develop E content very quickly


Create digital lessons in few minutes

Create digital lessons in few minutes! Engage your students and differentiate instruction by creating interactive digital lessons. This course makes it easy to plan, build, and deliver a lesson by integrating content from YouTube, different resources, your own files, and other digital media. Personalize your students’ learning with free lessons!

Digital lesson planning plays a huge role in providing students with a stable online classroom environment that best supports their learning. No matter the age group, students respond best to predictable routines in which they are involved and aware of the process and are able to anticipate what comes next.

During unstable times, students look toward the routine of school to keep them on track. Post your lesson plans in multiple visible places online where students, substitutes, and parents can all see them and easily stay caught up on your curriculum.

A digital lesson plan for teachers that takes into account students’ learning styles and interests goes a long way to promoting student engagement and involvement. Encourage your students to give feedback on lessons, either throughout the week or at the end of a completed lesson, and take note of which elements brought out the best and worst responses.

Teachers will be able to:

1. To Create lesson plan and presentations within few minutes

2. To engaging learning experiences for students, enabling them to meet or demonstrate specific standards or objectives

3. To create Interactive Activities by collaborating students under lesson.

4. To create interactive worksheets to assess students.

5. To create animated stories to make teaching effective.

6. To create quiz for assessment

7.  To present lesson online and offline both with effective presentations.

8. To reduce their burden of teaching by creating lessons and presentations within few minutes.



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