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Learn how to buy Cardano (Ada) using different crypto on-ramps and crypto exchanges and what mistakes to avoid.


In this course you will learn the different ways to buy Cardano.

At the time of publishing this course in early 2021, Cardano, who’s currency is called “ADA”, is not as easy to buy as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

For many people, in many different countries, you need to take a multi step process to buy ADA.

In this course, you’ll learn the different exchanges that support ADA and Cardano, and what pathways to use to buy it.

You’ll learn how to directly buy ADA with a credit or debit card, as well as how to buy it indirectly.

The indirect method involves buying BTC or ETH on a popular exchange like Coinbase, and then transferring that BTC to another exchange that allows you to trade BTC for ADA.

You’ll also learn some common mistakes to avoid in this course.

We take you through all the verification steps for each exchange so you know exactly what documents you will need, and we tell you about how long you should expect everything to take. There are several non-obvious steps and exceptions to things that we cover so that you know everything you need to know before you get started.


This course is primarily designed for residents of the United States. Because there are over 100 different countries, we haven’t covered each one in depth.

However, the same concepts we teach in this course will be applicable to most other countries and situations where it is legal to buy crypto.


This course is for entertainment purposes only, and you should get advice from a lawyer before doing anything taught in this course.




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