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Online course description :

Hello and welcome to the Learn Coding with C# from Scratch | C# Comprehensive Course in 2022.

In this course, you will learn all the C# fundamentals needed to become a Professional C# Programmer quickly and efficiently.

C# is so popular, powerful, easy, simple, Object-Oriented, and widely used Programming language.

You can use the C# programming language for building:

  • Desktop Applications

  • Mobile Applications

  • Web Applications

  • Games using Unity

  • VR Applications

  • All that and More

Therefore, learning this programming language opens up many opportunities for you.

And in this comprehensive course, you will master all the C# 10 concepts with the modern features.

All the course concepts will be explained first theoretically, and then practically using the Visual Studio Community 2022 IDE.

C# has a great community, So if you encounter any problems, you will find the solution easily.

By the end of this course, you’ll master:

  • Introduction to coding with C#

  • C# working tools

  • Variables, Data Types, Conversions, Operators, and Doing Math

  • Strings and Working with text using C# Techniques

  • Making Different Decisions: if – else if – else, and switch – case

  • Loops, Repetitions, and Iterators: while, do while, for, and foreach

  • Working with Arrays in depth

  • The Power of Methods in C#

  • Object-Oriented Programming: Classes, Objects, Access Modifiers, and More

  • Interfaces and Enumerations

  • All that and more with real examples

This course will be constantly updated with the support of the instructor.

So, what are you waiting for, enroll now to go through a comprehensive course of one of the most popular and powerful programming languages on the market for , C#.

Become A Professional C# Developer in no time!

We have a lot to cover in this course.

Let’s get started!

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