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Online course description :

  • This course covers all the Civil Engineering Technical Question and answers that are sure to be asked in the interview.

  • This course has been prepared by Akshay Kamath  ( B.E civil ) MTech (Structural Engineering )  Having 7 + Years of Experience in the Construction Industry

  • All the Questions Added in this course are prepared withone-linee Answers and crystal clear Explanations.

Course Outcome

  • Students will be able to answer any questions & Speak Confidently with their Senior  in the construction field technically

Course Topics covered

Week 01  – Week 02

  • How Students Can Earn Money &  Start Affiliate Marketing

  • How to Make a Powerful Resume with Proper Format

  • How to Face an Interview with Confidence

  • How to Answer Technical  Questions  With the Right Answers

  • Topics of Civil Engineering that are missed in college.

  • Basic Civil Engineering Questions

  • Questions on Concrete Technology

  •  Basic units used in construction

  • The density of Construction Materials

  • Estimation of PCC, Excavation  & Concrete Quantity

  • Code Books & their Importance

  • Types of cement, its working chemistry & Its importance in the Construction industry

  • Contractual process, site works, site handling, concrete works, rebar works, etc.

  • Structure knowledge and working at the site

  • Course Details – Week 03

      Advanced Course Which Covers Most Construction in Civil Engineering Step by Step  With Live Practical Videos.

1- Water Tank Construction

2- Petrol Bunk Construction

3- Quality Control – Work Methodology 

4- Concrete Floor Construction

5- Miscellaneous topics Related to Metro Construction l  Geo- Technical Engineering l  Tunnel l

6- Advanced  Structural  Drawing Reading of Different Buildings

All the Lectures have Been Explained With Crystal clear Concepts and Practical videos From the Site.

This is a Complete Course that will Give You an Idea about Different Fields of Civil Engineering and how different Structure is Constructed,

Topics Covered

1- Water Tank Construction

  • Placing of Raft Beam & Column Reinforcement on Raft Slab

  • Structural Drawing Reading of Raft Slab

  • Placing of Raft Concrete & Drawing Reading

2- Petrol Bunk Construction

  • Step By Step Construction Of Bunker

  • Step By Step Construction of RCC Building

  • Step By Step Steel Structure Erection

  • Practical video of Petrol Bunk Construction

  • Steel Structure Erection for Petrol Bunk

  • Bunker Construction & Complete Execution of Petrol Pump

3- Quality Control – Work Methodology  – Week 04-05

  • Excavation & Backfilling Work Statement

  • Soling Work Methodology

  • Formwork Methodology

  • Reinforcement Methodology

  • Concrete & PPC Methodology

  • Anti-Termite Treatment Methodology

  • Blockwork Methodology

  • Plastering Methodology

  • Tile Work Methodology

  • Marble Work Methodology

  • Brickwork Methodology

  • Brickwork Methodology -Part 2

  • Construction Joint Work Methodology

  • Construction Hole Work Methodology

Topics Covered! -Week 06

  1. Learn to Read House Plans – Sections & Elevations

  2. Learn to Read 3 BHK Residential Building Complete Plan

  3. Learn the Fundamentals of Vaastu & Its Applications

  4. Learn to Decide the Standard Room Sizes for a House

  5. Learn to Decide Beam Size, Column Size, and Slab thickness for Any Building in Less than 5 Minutes

  6. Learn the Fundamentals of Structural Engineering on How to Design & Detail Structural Drawings 

All the lectures have been explained with crystal clear Concepts and Practical videos from the site.

This is a Complete Course that will Give You an Idea about Different Fields of Civil Engineering and how different Structure is Constructed,

This course is intended to help you Gain Practical & Theoretical Knowledge Which Will Help you Clear Entry level interviews in Civil Engineering Field.

This Course Will Help you Speak & Think  Technically if you are Working in the Construction Industry

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