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Sample Questions

Q) The client is concerned about the growth of its database HP Protector Software Data. Which tool will  have to deal with this problem?

a) HP Storage Works tools dimensions

b) Sizer HP Data Protector database

c) Configuration Database Sheet

d) sheets capacity planning

e) one

Q) What is the term for a configuration in which the failure of one component does not cause the entire system?

a) hot-swappable


c) high availability

d) SFP

e) None

Q) You offer HP Storage Essentials SRM Enterprise Edition solution for the client environment only with Oracle databases. You have chosen to develop a single server deployment. What is another term for this configuration?

a) overall

b) dedicated

c) mixed

d) isolated

e) None

Q) What type of connection control using the same operating data link?

a) private

b) in-band

c) from the group

d) series-

e) None



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