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Attend this HP0-096 HP-UX Advanced System Administration Practice Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam


Sample Questions

Q) What makes the swap function performs the HP-UX operating system?

a) off running processes out of memory

b) replacing the entire process from the back of the main memory to disk storage

c) change recently referenced pages to the main memory back to disk storage

d) replacement of the entire process from the main memory in the intermediate storage device and then to the disk memory

e) None

Q) Which statements describe the characteristics of I / O implementation of HP PCI I? (Choose two).

a) He always uses slot 5.0 volts.

b) Turbo slots provide full bandwidth of PCI to PCI single board.

c) All servers offer up to three PCI slots on the CPU.

d) You can multiplex several PCI slots on a PCI bus.

e) board I / O kernel provides the basic connection boot SCSI drives, port monitoring and general network connectivity.

Q) What items are acceptable objects VxVM? (Choose four.)

a) plexus

b) rootdg

c) cat_vol

d) VM_obj

e) volume

f) subdisk

Q) Opening Neighbor is an integral part of the protocol?

a) IPv6

b) ARP



e) None



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