Nmap basics – NSE – firewalls – descovery – time optimizatio – OS detections


Welcome to the complete Nmap course | project base !

Nmap is the one of the most popular Network scanning tool, that has advance features.

Learn Nmap completely practical and project base in this course.

Nmap is one of the tool that all Ethical hacker, system administrator and penetration tester most know how to work with.

You can not be a good System administrator or Ethical hacker or Penetration tester without knowing how to work with Nmap.

You will go from the very beginning to become an expert in easy to follow the structured steps, in this course we cover all aspects of Nmap in project base, we will set up a virtual environment to do some cool attack, and also we are going to do some testing in real internet.

By the end of this course student will have the skills to scan all area of networks. You will be able to fine vulnerability and weakness in systems that can be exploit by hackers.

You will learn how to use it in both system windows and Linux specially kali Linux 2021.

No Prior knowledge Is needed!

I will take you from the very beginning you will start learning Nmap from the basic and become an expert in scanning Networks and find vulnerability.

In this course you will learn:

What network is ? and how does it work ?

What OSI model is ? and how does it work?

What is port ? and how do we get access to computer using port ?

What three way handshake is ? and how does it work ?

How to choose the target to scan?

How to log the scan result in all type of file that Nmap support ?

More then 30 type of scan you that you need to learn as a system administrator, Ethical hacker.

How to detect the Operating System?

Find the Owner of the Website?

Learn every thing about verbosity.

Learn Packet Tracing.

Learn how to do TCP and UDP scanning ?

Learn Traceroute, IP Protocol Ping?

Using someone’s DNS ?

Learn every thing about Port states Recognized by Nmap ?

Learn every thing about Time Optimization.

What is Scripting Engine ?

Finding someone’s location with scripts

How to use different Script from NSE documentation.

You will every thing about Evading Firewalls.

Learn how to spoof mac address.

You will learn auditing web server.

Who is this course for :

ANYONE who wants to learn network scan techniques.

People who are willing to make a career in cyber security

System administrator, Ethical hacker, penetration tester

People who want to take their hacking skills to next level.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to learn network scanning technique
  • People who are willing to make a career in cybersecurity
  • System administrators ethical hacker penetration tester

Limited to 1000 students only, it can expire quickly

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