The right way to start your career in cybersecurity


If you are freshly graduated and looking to start your career in cybersecurity (or even if you are switching from other IT field), then this is the right course for you!

This course cover all the aspects that anyone needs for a good start in cybersecurity, including the basics of this fields : Like what exactly is cybersecutiy? what are the differences between cybersecurity and information security? Is the cybersecurity marketsize really huge? and what does it cover exactly?

Certification and career roadmap are included in the course, so that you can prepare your plans for a great career (including salary expectations)

You will also be able to classify hackers and know the way they think, so that you can easly protect your company. For this, we will dive deep into the cybersecurity kill chain, and discover the malicious tools that are used by hackers, in order to hack systems.

This course also cover the laws and standards that organize the cybersecurity world. For the laws we take the example of the United states of America, the European Union and Australia cybersecurity laws. Regarding the standards, we will take the most well known ones, this include PCI-DSS for payment cards security, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) & ISO27001 as part of the ISO 27k family of standards.



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