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Sample Questions

Q) A user reports slow performance on their PC after importing some photos. Which of the following maintenance tasks should a technician recommend in order to increase performance?

a) Install new camera drivers

b) Install new camera drivers

c) Update anti-virus definitions


Q) A user has asked for a recommendation for a strong password. Which of the following passwords is the STRONGEST?

a) password!

b) Pa$sw0rd

c) pa$4w0rd

d) thisismypsswrd1

Q) Which of the following would be the BEST choice to use when implementing a business virtual environment?

a) Thick client

b) Thin client

c) Media PC

d) Remote desktop

Q) A user reports that their PC will not boot after multiple attempts. Which of the following should be the technicians FIRST response?

a) Are you able to log in?

b) Do you see lights on the PC?

c) Do you hear a clicking sound?

d) Is the PC plugged in?

Q) A technician discovers that a hard drive has died in a RAID 0 configuration. Which of the following would be the outcome of this situation?  

a) The user will need to replace the PC.

b) technician will need to back up and replace the drive.

c) The user will lose all non-backed up data.

d) The technician will need to replace the drive and rebuild the array



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