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Sample Questions

Q) One of the administrators of a cloud service provider has been asked to assist one of its newest customers to deploy a multi-tier application (web, application, and database). The architecture design does not specify where each service should reside and the customer is asking for a recommendation. Which of the following should be recommended?

a) Application server should be placed in the DMZ

b) Database server should be placed in the DMZ

c) DMZ are only used for single-tier infrastructure

d) Web server should be placed in the DMZ

Q) An IT professional is considering the migration of an on-line store to the cloud due to high variation in demand. Which of the following cloud characteristics is key?

a) Elasticity

b) Security

c) Scalability

d) Standardization

Q) A shipment company is looking to streamline some of their business activity. They are considering the automation of a number of electronic services. The company handles confidential documents and confidential data. Which of the following service options would the company choose?

a) Automated business process tools delivered by a public cloud provider

b) Community cloud

c) On-demand/self-service private cloud

d) On-demand/self-service public cloud

Q) In the process of streamlining the IT activity, a company has considered the delivery of a number of services from a cloud. The best identified candidates were the newly acquired CRM and Help-Desk platforms. Which of the following would be their choice considering the company offers a 24/7 help line/self service portal to both their internal users and customers?

a) SaaS deployed on Public Cloud

b) PaaS deployed on Private Cloud

c) BPaaS deployed on a Hybrid Cloud

d) IaaS deployed on a Hybrid Cloud

Q) Which of the following would be used to mitigate the risk of an unauthorized party authenticating into the network?

a) Install a software-based firewall

b) Establish a baseline and review logs daily

c) Install antivirus software

d) Disable the administrator account


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