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Sample Questions:

Universal Research Association has just acquired the business of the Association of Medical scientists. The new grouping has funds to upgrade or replace equipment as part of the acquisition, but can not be funded manpower for large software projects. Which of the following is likely to cause some IT resources will not be integrated?

One of the companies may be using an outdated VDI.

Corporate websites can be optimized for different browsers

Industry safety standards and regulations may be in conflict

Data Loss Prevention standards for one company may be less severe.


Company XYZ has hired a consultant to carry out the monitoring of plant used in the SCADA system evaluation HR system, backend business, and. Which of the following correctly states the risk management options that the consultant should be used during the evaluation?

Risk reduction, risk-sharing, risk retention and risk acceptance.

To avoid, transfer, mitigate, and accept

Risk probability, substance, and the threat level.

Lower the risk of defining the technical likelihood and potential impact on the business.


When you create a new key pair, security application asks the user to move the mouse and typing random characters on the keyboard. Which of the following best describes why this is necessary?

The user needs non-repudiation of data source, application to generate a key pair.

The user gives the entropy, so the application can not use random data to create a key pair

The user provides a diffusion point of the application’s support to create a key pair

The application asks the perfect forward secrecy to create a user key pair.


Every year, accounts payable employee, Ann, take a week off from work to vacation. He typically completes his responsibility to remotely during this week. Which of the following policy implemented, would allow the company to inspect the work of this employee and possibly find improprieties?


Mandatory vacations

of least privilege

Segregation of duties


During software development, review, cryptographic engineering project manager advises that safety can be greatly improved to significantly reduce the runtime hash algorithm, and adding the input and the entropy of passing the salt back during each iteration. Which of the following best describes what the engineer will seek to achieve?

Monoalphabetic cipher


root of trust

key stretching




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