Create and launch your own Shopify store anywhere in the world and learn from a 6 Shopify stores Owner


  • No prior knowledge of Shopify is necessary
  • A Laptop with internet connection



Shopify is an online store creation software that helps you to create an online store without any coding. Creating a Shopify store takes a lot of time and is more aching. But with this course, you can easily create a Fully-functional store within 24-48 hours which is ready to scale to the moon. I have documented the whole process from Signing up, setting legal pages to the first sale of your store.

About the Instructor:

I founded my e-commerce business in 2019 and I used Shopify to grow and scale my business. My business went through the roof and that was my first success. With that store, I generated 6 -figures in sales. Shopify helps me a lot to scale my business as It is the best e-commerce software available in the market. Shopify has enormous benefits with less subscription fee.

After that, I created one more Shopify store (dropshipping) and scaled that to the moon. Till then, I was dealing in physical products, after that, I started selling Digital products like Ebooks, courses, programs. To this date, I am 6 Shopify stores ( 4 Physical, 2 Digital).

I’ll be showing all the basics tools and tricks to use while creating our store and scale them. Thank You, See you in the course.

The Majority of tools in this course is FREE.

You will learn how to :

  1. Create an online e-commerce store with Shopify
  2. Add Products (Physical and digital)
  3. Manage customers and orders
  4. Review Analytics and marketing
  5. Create Marketing campaign
  6. How to create Discounts (manual & automatic)
  7. Integrating Best Apps to your store
  8. Edit your web storefront
  9. Creating pages, footer, and header.
  10. Adding or buying a custom domain
  11. Setting up Payment Gateway
  12. Creating Legal Pages
  13. Understanding Billing, plan & Permissions
  14. Logo creation & How to contact customer service
  15. Customer psychology and platform we leverage
  16. Writing ads copy that sells

Who this course is for:

  • Online businesses
  • Shopify store
  • Website creators
  • E-commerce owners
  • Dropshipping , dropshippers
  • Shopify
  • Online website creators
  • Online store creators
  • Businesses and marketing
  • Online earning
  • Money making tips
  • E-commerce operators


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