Become a Pro WordPress Custom Theme Developer

Learn to convert any static HTML, CSS template into a fully functional Custom Wordpress Theme in a step by step approach

Learn to convert any static HTML, CSS template into a fully functional Custom WordPress Theme in a step by step approach

Online course description :

In this hands-on course you will learn to convert any static HTML, CSS template into a fully functional Custom WordPress Theme which will ready to use in production for any website.

We will learn everything in a step by step approach as mentioned below:

  • 1.1-Installing the software xampp and vscode

  • 1.2-Downloading WordPress engine

  • 1.3-Setting up wordpress config and database

  • 1.4-Setting up wordpress through its installer

  • 1.5-What is a content management system

  • 1.6-Taking closer look at wodpress

  • 1.7-Detailed walk through of the wordpress backend

  • 1.8-Downloading the static html template

  • 1.9-Static Html tempplate walk through

  • 2.1-Creating all the theme files

  • 2.2-Adjusting the static html template to fit our theme layout

  • 2.3-Moving static markup to header.php footer.php and front-page.php

  • 2.4-Setting up theme information and theme preview image

  • 2.5-Copying main.css to style.css of theme

  • 2.6-wp_head and wp_footer function

  • 2.7-enqueue style file and include header and footer to fornt-page

  • 2.8-enqueue all the javascript files

  • 2.9-fixing the console error for missing javascript files

  • 3.1-Adding multiple theme support capability to our custom theme

  • 3.2-Adding body_class function to header file

  • 3.3-Making site title websiye link and description dynamic

  • 3.4-Displaying website logo uploaded via dashboard

  • 3.5-Making navigation menu items dynamic

  • 3.6-Styling the Menu and Sub menu

  • 3.7-Removing unwanted section from Footer

  • 3.8-Registering Main Sidebar in functions php file

  • 3.9-Registering 3 Footer Widgets in functions php file

  • 3.10-Calling footer widgets and passing dynamic content to from Dashboard

  • 4.1-Fetching Posts from WordPress Dashboard via WP_Query

  • 4.2-Creating Posts from dashboard

  • 4.3-Display Post Information for each Post

  • 4.4-Creating custom post type

  • 4.5-looping over custom post type on front page

  • 4.6-Displaying Portfolio information for each portfolio and doing wp-reset-postdata

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