To have knowledge, skills and understanding of basic concepts and applications.

To have knowledge, skills and understanding of basic concepts and applications.

Online course description :

I teach oil painting on canvas through photography, exploring the colors and forms nature has to offer. You just need to have an open mind and a willingness to experiment. By learning and working, you can improve yourself and turn it into art with your imagination. Painting helps people get away from the outside world, create beautiful things and make themselves happy. In every way, you can show and change every moment. Painting is an act of animating what no technology can offer, sometimes only hands can do. If you also have a desire to paint, don’t stop! and start doing it sure you will feel more free……


-The oil painting on canvas is explained with all its stages for 4.37 hours

-Materials: You will learn how to use paint tubes and brushes by watching.

– Drawing work: Before we start coloring, we need to transfer our drawing. For this, I provide the right line and perspective teaching.

– Introduction to oil painting; Applying the paint consistency and the right mediums to the surface

-How to color the forms with the right brushes with the right colors,…………..

-Light and shadow effect; applying light and shadow according to the angles of the forms

Who is suitable for

Beginner artist who has never done oil painting before…….

The artist who tried oil painting but was afraid of the environment………..

Artist who wants to paint in oil but is frustrated with his current efforts and wants to achieve greater success.

Artist who wants to take his skills beyond sipping in a craft class or painting and social gathering

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