industrial Automations , programming and motor automatic control circuit troubleshooting training course ACS and PLC


Automatic Control System (ACS)  & Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Course is useful for anyone interested to work in industrial field , it give you important skills for troubleshooting problems in Automatic control systems (ACS) and necessary knowledge to programming any control circuit by programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Control system is a system that can control its output(s) to a particular value or perform a sequence of events or perform an event if the specified conditions are satisfied based on the input(s) given.

Course is divided to 3 sections

Section 1

Automatic Control System (ACS)  & Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) components

Ex: for Automatic Control System (ACS) Components

MCCB , MCB , Contactors , Overload , Motors

Ex: Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Components

Power Supply PS , Central processing Unit CPU , Memories types , Digital input modules , Digital output modules , Analogue input modules and analogue output modules , sensors PNP & NPN . switches and push buttons

Section 2

Study Common industrial control circuits in Automatic Control System and programming it in PLC

Ex: Motors Start Stop Circuits , Motor Start Stop in 2 Direction, Motor Star Delta , Slide gates , Belt Conveyors and Crusher machines

Section 3

Troubleshooting for common problems in Automatic Control System (ACS)  & Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) , how we read schematic diagram and use resistance measurement and Voltage measurement in Multimeters to trace circuits and find problem

Who this course is for:

  • electrical
  • instrument
  • automation
  • programing
  • electronics
  • Industrial
  • engineers
  • technicians

Limited to 1000 students only, it can expire quickly

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