Best Practice Tests for Android Security Certification 2021


this course (practice Test ) help you to understand Android security and get official certification with high score

because this course contain same  questions to the official certification and their answers .  

this Certification gives to you greate oppertenity to get good job with big salary .

Course Structure

The Android Security Essentials  Exam covers the following topics –

1. Permissions

● Android Platform Architecture

● Android Security Architecture

● Permissions

2. Managing the Policy File

● The Manifest File

● Modifying the Application Policy

3. Users’ Data Privacy and Protection

● Data Security Principles

● The Mobile Environment

● Data States

● Vulnerabilities and Attacks Against Stored Data

● Protection Principles

● Tips for Android Coding Vulnerabilities

4. Securing Storage

● Data Storage Decisions

● Storage Mechanisms

● File Operations on an External Storage

● Cache

● Database

Software Security Practitioner Suites

Build Better Software. Enhance Your Skills and Develop Secure Code.

Discover Role-Based Training with the Software Security Practitioner Suites, which provides organizations and their development teams with the skills needed to write more secure software code, reduce vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security posture of an organization’s software products.

By making your app more secure, you help preserve user trust and device integrity.

This course presents several best practices that have a significant, positive impact on your app’s security.

Enforce secure communication

When you safeguard the data that you exchange between your app and other apps, or between your app and a website, you improve your app’s stability and protect the data that you send and receive.

Use implicit intents and non-exported content providers


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