Adobe After Effects CC , The Only Course You Need To Become Expert In Kinetic Typography


Adobe After Effects Complete Kinetic Typography Course

The Only Course with HIGH quality and BIG real life projects with COMPLETE  follow along Pattern .

Many Courses teach you a variety of small and basic projects but never take you to the depths of the topic . I am here to make you grandmaster of a single skill at a time . In this course we will become experts of Kinetic Typography in After Effects . So the choice is yours , want to become ” Jack of all trades but master of none ” OR ” Actual Pro. Editor ” ?

If your answer is to become real expert then welcome to this course . In this course we will learn complete process of creating kinetic typography in after effects . We will discuss ins and outs of the process and techniques used in creating a good kinetic typography video .  We will take a real life typography project and we will create every single slide from start to end . Meanwhile in the process I will explain you all the necessary tools and concepts necessary for creating different types of Kinetic Typography .

To be precise you will learn the following topics in this course :

1) Adobe After Effects

2) Kinetic Typography in Adobe After Effects

3) Different Text Animation Techniques

4) Text Animation Refinement

5) Motion Refinement Using Speed Graph and Value Graph

6) 2D – 3D Text Animation and Layer Parenting Animation in After Effects

7) Preset Customizations and Property Manipulations

8) Range , Offset and Impact Text Animations

9) Text Source Animation in After Effects

10) Pre Compositions and Final Video Consistency

Apart from this , You will also get 6 Handbooks and assignments to solidify your conceptual knowledge .

So what are you waiting for ? Welcome aboard ! Start your journey towards learning a new skill .


Who this course is for:

  • This Course is for everyone irrespective of their experience levels
  • Beginners who are new to kinetic typography in after effects
  • Intermediate editors who want to learn kinetic typography completely
  • Advanced editors who want to polish their editing techniques and want to expand their domain

Limited to 1000 students only, it can expire quickly

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